Increase Your Confidence and Self-Awareness – and See Amazing Results in Each and Every One of Your Relationships!
Let The Warrior Queen Show You The Way to Feeling Authentic, Heard, Understood, 
and Fulfilled in Life.
There’s no doubt about it – women who embrace their inner warrior AND their inner queen have an incredible advantage in life. 

All you need is the right attitude and the right guidance, and you’ll soon be winning and succeeding in every aspect of your roles in life and relationships with others. 

Wife, mother, lover, leader, all will combine to unearth your bold warrior and elegant queen.

Rise of The Warrior Queen Course
  •  Struggling with the challenges life is throwing you, and starting to wonder whether you’re strong enough to cope?
  •  Lacking in confidence and self-awareness, and NOT able to see yourself as a warrior and a queen?
  •  Struggling to get the balance right in your various roles, whatever they may include - lover, mother, wife, boss, leader?
  •  Juggling relationships, business, and social life, and feeling unable to give every area the attention it needs to thrive?
If you answered YES to any or all of those questions, I’m here to help, so I’d better introduce myself!
My name is Norva Semoy Abiona
I’m a coach, inspirational speaker, and relationship change expert who’s passionate about helping women just like you uncover their Inner Warrior Queens.
I really (and I mean really) want to see women succeed and win, which is why I’ve dedicated so much of my life to helping and guiding other women forward to exactly where they want to be in life.
With the right attitude, the right tools, and the right guidance, anything and everything is possible.
Not sure you believe that? Trust me, I’ve seen so many women blossom and thrive once they start to uncover their Inner Warrior Queens. In fact, I’ve been there myself!
I’ve gone through leaving (and most importantly surviving) an abusive marriage, getting into education (to Masters level) in my late twenties and early thirties, and dealing with personal hurdles that include miscarriages, cancer, and a seriously ill child. 

Right now I’m living a fulfilling life of balance and authenticity, oh, and my marriage to my very own King is in such a great place that it’s like we’re on permanent honeymoon!  

Trust me, I’ve had to draw on my own Inner Warrior Queen on many, many occasions to get to where I wanted to be in life, which is why I’m confident I can help YOU do the same.
As well as having written the bestselling Amazon book Time to Go, I’ve trained in mediation, family conference, and anger management, and have been helping other women to find their balance and learn to overcome those feelings of self-doubt for 15 years. 

When you work with me, I’ll be able to get you completely clear on who you are, what you stand for, and why you matter. Unlike many coaching services that only focus on one area (because they only have experience in that area), The Warrior Queen will get you focussed on all five of the core areas in your life – yourself, your spouse, your children, your business, and your circle of influence.

What is a Warrior Queen?
A Warrior – protects, defends, attacks, leads, receives council, delegates.

A Queen – rules, governs, reigns, is respected, is reverenced, rejoices, renders, adjudicates and declares, responds, raises in knowledge and wisdom, is relational.

Rise of The Warrior Queen Course is an extraordinary seven module course that is going to guide you forward to reaching that place of balance and authenticity that’s been missing from your life.

Don't take my word for it... Here's what just a couple of my Warrior Queens have to say:  
You need to speak with Norva 

“I put into place the guidelines Norva told me to use and within a matter of a few weeks my client base increased and I was earning money, for the first time in my business. 

She gave me the confidence to go out and sell my products and services. Although she too is a mum with young children, she managed week after week to speak with me one to one, at a time that suited both our schedules. 

She was very patient with me, and worked with my personal challenges and helped me to overcome them. I now have a successful coaching business, after wanting to have one for several years. 

I look forward to working with her in the future and would encourage anyone who needs motivation and knowledge of setting up a business to speak with Norva.“

                                                         Paulette K, Birmingham, UK
Rise of The Warrior Queen Course is delivered online and consists of seven in-depth and thought-provoking modules, each with video lessons and downloadable worksheets – which are yours to draw on for life. 

The end result? 

You’ll be more self-aware, more self-confident, and able to approach each relationship in your life with clarity, focus, and joy.
Authentic, genuine, over-delivers, passionate about you

Zina Arinze
So much wisdom to share

“I know that for me personally, recognising my own need for help was one of the hardest things I've ever, ever had to do. However, with that said, after reading your book and getting connected with you, it was also one of the best things I've ever done for myself and my family. 

We are each working on our own selves now and on our family as a whole. The journey is in flux; the future is unwritten but the Author knows the end of our story. To know that I am being proactive and we are doing our part now, and asking God to move on our behalf is so much better than being passive and hiding my head in the sand. 

Reading your book is honestly one of the best things I've ever done and speaking at length with you is even better! You have so much wisdom to share and you have opened my eyes to so much in my life that was desperately needing attention and was literally being ignored by me. 

Thank you, Norva Semoy Abiona!!!”
                                                 Sonya Elise Frair, Michigan, USA
Are you ready to find out how you’ll benefit from Rise of The Warrior Queen Course?

The Members Area is full of detailed video lessons, worksheets and exercises to help you embrace your inner queen AND your inner warrior.
Here’s a taster of what you’ll receive in each of the modules.
Module 1: My Current Capacity Playbook
  •          Facing the facts – You’ll be able to define where you are right at this moment, and look at what got you to this point.
  •          Future focus – Looking at what you want to do, what you want to be, and what you want to feel in life.
  •          Preparing for change – I know facing change can be difficult, and you need to really change that mindset before you can start to see and accept changes in your life.
  •         Overcoming challenges – Looking hard at what it is that’s been holding you back so far.
  •         Taking control – As a Warrior Queen you MUST make the commitment to take control of your own life, and we’re here to support you in doing that.
Module 2: My Confidence Blueprint 
  •         The authentic you – By asking the question ‘Who am I?’, you’ll identify exactly who you are and what you stand for. (Here’s a clue, you ARE a Warrior Queen, even if you don’t know it yet!).
  •          Personality – You’ll learn just what it is about your personality that draws people to you and builds bonds, and how to enhance the Warrior Queen personality traits.
  •         Personal growth – You must bring your best self to the table every time as a warrior and a queen, so start setting goals relating to your personal growth.
  •          Your beauty brand – After focussing on the inner, you’ll look also at the outer you.  
  •         Your wellbeing – This is what holds it all together, so it’s crucial that you hold your health and wellbeing dear, and make time to treat yourself in the best way possible.
  •           Sexual appeal – Learn to make your sexual relationship a win-win partnership.
  •           Conscious Thinking– We’re never alone in our quests to draw on our Inner Warrior Queens, so make time every day to sit down and focus consciously on deepening spiritual connections.
  •           Bring it all together – This will be a re-cap of everything you’ve learned in this module.
Module 3: My Commitment Formula
  •                 Face the facts – Looking at the current state of your relationship, including how you got there and where you want to be.  
  •           Key areas for development – Go from 15 core areas to the three that need the most attention, and where to start.
  •         Speaking with love – Learn why the five love languages are so important to beautiful relationships, and how to apply them appropriately.
  •         Givers receivers model – Discover what this fantastic model is, and how it applies to your relationship.
  •          Bringing the joy – Joy should be a daily part of your life with your lover, and in this section you’ll learn some amazing techniques to make this a reality.
  •          Making time for us – As busy, successful Warrior Queens we have so many demands on us that making sure we get QUALITY time together can be difficult. Well, it doesn’t have to be, and this is where you’ll learn how!
Module 4: My Caring Package Principles
  •         Building rapport – It’s your job to build rapport with your children, to be the mother, friend, counsellor, advocate, cheerleader, and everything else.
  •         Making time – No matter how busy you are your child needs to know that they are a priority, and here’s how to do it.
  •         What they truly want vs what they truly need – Such a fine line, but how do you make the differentiation?
  •         Establishing achievable goals – That’s right, you even need to be setting goals with your children, and this part of the module looks at all aspects of working together for a common outcome.
  •         Compassion, dedication, courage, and warmth – These are the four generals of a child/parent relationship. Learn how a Warrior Queen achieves all of these as a mother.
  •         Bring the joy – Just as important with your children as with your lover, and it’s your responsibility
Module 5: My Corporation Rulebook
  •         Boss lady – Embrace your role, lead yourself, and be your own number one customer. Here you’ll get clear on your goals, and uncover who you need to become to accomplish them.
  •         Gaining clarity on your niche - Know your own value, know your customers, know your competitors.
  •         Working in partnership - Whether it's with employees, joint ventures, or with your spouse, learn to achieve win-win situations without compromising on your values.
  •         Begin with the end in mind - How do you want your business to end?  Here's how to make sure you acheive your goals when the time comes. 
  •         Strategic Planning - Looking at strategic products and business growth.
  •          Money goals and distribution - What do you want to achieve financially? Here's what you need to do to get exactly where you want to be in terms of financial freedom.
  •         Working with employees - Some might say the hardest part of building a business, so discover exactly what you need to do to ensure harmonious relationships whether you have one, ten or 100 employees!
  •         Tweaking the approach - You'll look at all the things you can do to make your business life as successful as possible - from living in the present to taking time off. 
Module 6: My Connections Process 
  •          My key connections - Know who you are and who you are not and become an honest observer of your relationships.
  •         What you truly need right now - You'll look at your current major projects and define the handful that are the most important RIGHT NOW.  
  •         How you show up - What do you bring to relationships? Dig deep to discover your attributes and attitude in interactions with everyone in your life and learn how to grow and focus forward. –
  •         Authentic giving - Understand how you can add value in your giving and relationships.  Don't forget that with every interaction you're leaving an impression - make it an authentic one! 
  •         Getting Support - Warrior Queens aren't an island. We should always approach others for support if we need it and you may not realise but people are generally open and interested in supporting you! 
  •         Reviewing - A review of everything you've discovered about yourself and your relationships and where to go from here.  
Module 7: My Concord System

Here is where you’ll learn the final tools and techniques that are going to take you from unfulfilled and scared to a strong Warrior Queen.
Here are a couple more comments from my Warrior Queens...
My marriage and home is a lot happier

“July last year it was my 9th year anniversary and it was the first time I had contact with Norva...I was at a friend's place and I burst into tears cause I was so upset with my husband at the time...I had bottled up so much...I couldn't really share anything with the friend...and she asked if I minded her calling a lady who was an expert in these she called Norva...who asked if my husband was hitting me and I said "No"... Just the way he speaks to me...and then Norva made an appointment with me.

On the day of the appointment I had a pen and paper to take notes... After the session with Norva...she highlighted I needed to improve myself... Personal development was what she recommended and for my marriage she recommended to take the 5 love languages quiz and read the book as well as other books...I realised my husband wasn't the problem, I had self-esteem issues... I read all the books she recommended and spent time loving myself... And gradually I started to see changes and stopped seeing only his faults when I understood his love language...

I still have the notes and refer to them once in a while... My marriage and home is a lot happier and I am so happy I had the opportunity to chat with Norva.”
                                                                      Joy E, London, UK
Norva's financial education helped me with setting prices

Shanti Boodhun
A great example of a Wise Wife
“Sometimes we enter into things prematurely, I got married because I was pregnant; not really understanding the importance of foundation in a marriage. 

I have been married nine years. The first few years had lots of challenges, I wanted a better marriage but did not know where to begin. 

I started to seek help and at first my communication with Norva about my marriage was one of me complaining about what he was not doing. She listened to me all the time but then she started to ask questions, gave me advice and directed me to materials. 

Both Norva’s own content and those she pointed me to from other sources have been a tremendous help to me. I’ve learnt the importance of first improving me as an individual in order to improve my marriage.

Thank you Norva for the wealth of knowledge. And being a great example of a Wise Wife.”
                                                                       Felicia S, Trinidad
So What are You Waiting For? You’ll Get All of This for an Amazing Price of:
All Seven In-depth Modules, Including Video Lessons and Downloadable Worksheets. 

Just £497.  Yours for LIFE.
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... an amazing money-back guarantee if I’m wrong!

In order to make this opportunity risk-free for you, I’m making you a guarantee that if you’re not happy in any way shape or form within 30 days of signing up, I’ll refund you 100% of your investment in the course. 
That’s how confident I am that together we can uncover your Inner Warrior Queen, just as these amazing Warrior Queens discovered… 
Phenomenal... Best mentor... Best coach... I highly recommend Norva

Colleen Williams
Thank you

“Norva, thank you for all of your advice and counselling, seriously you played a big part in my happiness right now thanks”
                                                                                                       Rory R, China
Some of the best advice and support I've ever gotten

“When Norva first suggested things I should consider doing I was not happy but reluctantly followed bits of the advice because I knew what she was saying to me was sound. 

Years later I can boldly say that it was some of the best advice and support I've ever gotten and it helped me make some of my best decisions. Norva’s honesty and love for others is evident in her work - she wants to see us win at the game of life in the most fulfilling way possible. 

I have learnt to act despite any of my fears, when I know it's the right thing to do. I am so much happier today.”
                                                                                                   Dena F, Trinidad
Norva's ability to analyse a relationship is invaluable

“Mrs. Abiona has been my relationship coach for many years. When I first approached her specifically for relationship advice I was exiting a relationship that began to be verbally abusive. Knowing she had successfully left a bad relationship and married a beautiful person, her opinion was most valuable to me. Since then I have consulted Norva on numerous occasions and each time her support and advice have been sound and very helpful.

My former relationship that regrettably did not end in marriage, after more than 5 years of dating 3 of which we were friends was one of the main topics that came up when we conversed. 

She would guide me through any question or indecisiveness I had. She would constantly advise to cut loose if we not going in the direction of marriage. I would think how can I cut loose of my best friend. Well, not making a clear cut earlier resulted in both parties possibly blocking each from pursuing other relationships for 3 years. My friend is married today. We no longer communicate but when asked why had you insisted we remain friends when now we are not...The response was...I had hope that things would change and we would marry. In hindsight it was important to though it would not have been easy to move on as advised.

One thing I value more than any advice I have gotten is Norva's ability to analyse a relationship. She is able to place herself in both male and female situations and talk truth. This has helped me to be a more objective person in my own relationships and in there as well. She is able to listen, guide but most importantly chide. I will always covet her council.”
                                                                                       Elese F, New York, USA
Norva made me feel understood in every way

“I contacted Norva at a time when I was at a crossroad in my love life. I was in need of counselling and guidance because I felt stuck and didn’t know what my next step in my love life should be. 

She truly listened to me and I felt like she was interested in helping to give me the confidence and clarity I needed to then make my own decision, not just based on my heart but also from a point of what is realistic and factual. Norva made me feel understood in every possible way, when I felt like no one could help me.

Thank you Norva, for being kind enough to fit me in so quickly and to listen to me and for your guidance on such life impacting issues.”
                                                                                                    Dr Hina A, India
Are you struggling through each day, trying to put on a front that tells people all is well with your life? 

Once you complete Rise of The Warrior Queen Course you’ll be able to stop pretending – because your self-awareness, self-confidence, clarity, focus, and joy will be so enhanced that everything will be well.
Don’t forget that you can sign up completely risk-free thanks to the incredible money-back guarantee! SIGN UP here, and you could soon be on your way to that authentic and balanced life!
Blessings and grateful,
Norva Semoy Abiona
The Warrior Queen 
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