The Blueprint for Balance, Boundaries & 
a Booming Business as a Wife and Mother 


    Rise of The 
Warrior Queen

How to Achieve the Balance You Want 
 in 90 Days, Without Sacrificing Yourself or Important Relationships In The Process

"She is genuine, smart and shares what she knows without reservation. "
                                 - Emina Danescu - Entrepreneur

"As a wife and mother, I've put into place the guidelines Norva told me to use and within a matter of a few weeks my client base increased and I was earning money, for the first time in my business. She has been very patient with me, and worked with my personal challenges and helped me to overcome them. I now have a successful coaching business, after wanting to have one for several years."
Paulette Kumar - Coach & Consultant

Dear Fellow Warrior Queen,

If you’re having challenges finding that balance between your life and work,

You’re struggling with your priorities and goals. Struggling to make time for self-compassion and self-care…

Or simply seeking some practical ideas on how to maximise your schedule so you can achieve a double win at work and in life.

Then look no further...

Let me show you actionable steps you could take to excel at your work without sacrificing the things that are most important to you, whilst you move towards living a more fulfilling, well-rounded life.

Discover how to be successful in both your professional and personal life, without burning out or endangering your physical or mental health

Rise of The Warrior Queen is an extraordinary seven-module course that will guide you forward to reaching that place of balance and authenticity that’s been missing from your life in 90 days or less.

Do You Envision Yourself Having a 
Better Work-Life Balance?

  - Being able to stay calm, and focused whilst checking off your to-do list and not having to worry about not having enough hours in the day
- Being able to find more energy after a day at work to actively enjoy your time with family and also have enough hours for your alone time
- Being able to avoid burnouts, experience a comfortable and enjoyable work-life whilst being in control of your own time
- Being able to foster your productivity, creativity, and freedom
- Being able to approach each and every relationship in your life with clarity, focus, and joy
- Understanding simple but powerful steps to embracing your inner warrior AND your inner queen to give you an incredible advantage in life
Allowing you to achieve the work-life balance you need to stay happy and at peace for you and your family 

Now, this may sound impossible

But contrary to the popular stereotypes that career wins for women always come at a great cost to either your health, relationships, or personal well-being…
It’s actually attainable to be successful at your work and every aspect of your role in life without sacrificing what makes you happy.
Although it’ll take commitment, but it is possible.
In fact, all you need to achieve that level of balance is the right attitude and the right guidance.
However, it can be difficult to find all the information you need to learn how to succeed in finding your life fusion.

That’s why I’ve created an extremely practical course that will help you focus on all five core areas in your life – yourself, your spouse, your children, your business, and your circle of influence (friendships and colleagues).
You’ll follow actionable steps you can implement to reach the balance and peace you want in your everyday life.
"Two ways that had a big impact on me taking charge of my income, productivity and personal life are; I learnt how to confidently increase my pricing to where it’s now double what I originally charged. I also learnt to look at where my skills deficits are and how to delegate well. I now feel more excited about my business as I do what I love and get paid what I consider a fair amount for it. I now can set aside a lot more time and finances towards my personal life and family life."
Shanti Boodhun - Psychotherapist & Entrepreneur

Rise of the 
Warrior Queen

It’s an extraordinary online course that will empower and guide you towards reaching that place of balance and authenticity that’s been missing from your life. 

In fact, it consists of seven in-depth and thought-provoking modules; each with video lessons, downloadable worksheets and weekly live sessions with me and our community to help you achieve a work/life balance that will have you feeling accomplished… 
as opposed to drained and overwhelmed.

With The Rise of The Warrior Queen,  
You'll Be Able to:

  • Regain your self-awareness and self-confidence as a woman and wife
  • Approach each relationship in your life with clarity, focus, and joy
  • ​Follow tips, strategies and have community support in helping you find your unique life balance
  • ​Enhance your intimacy and take your relationships to the next level
  • ​Learn to overcome your feelings of guilt, self-doubt, and incompetency
  • ​Gain complete understanding of who you are, what you stand for, and why you matter
The powerful steps in this course works for Wivepreneurs like you who want to spend more time doing the things you love with the people you love… But you know what? Don’t just take my word for it.

I've Been Where You Are...

  • You may feel ashamed that your not being able to spend time with the people who matter to you in your life without feeling guilty or stressed about who is missing out on your attention or missing out on getting work done
  • You may not understand how to effectively divide your time (realistically between work, family and errands) and then also make time for yourself
  • You may have low confidence in your ability to take charge and control for yourself and family, be able to contribute to your family financially too
  • ​You may be helping everyone achieve their goals at the expense of being able to pursue your dreams
  • ​You may be tired and find it hard to believe that you can have it all and achieve life balance
  • ​You may have before gotten advice, feel like you are motivated to move forward but then don’t know how to practically implement what you’ve learnt into your day to day
There will be at least 1, 2 or even all of these that resonate with you and I know what it feels like to feel stressed and unsure of what to do, wanting to move forward but being stuck on the HOW. This community will have like-minded queens who are wives, mums and career-minded too. Just know you are not alone!

The Rise of a Warrior Queen Course is for you if:

  • You want to focus and put in a concentrated effort on your set goals without sacrificing your family or alone time
  • You want to be respected by your spouse, your colleagues, friends, business partners, and workers
  • ​ You want to become better at managing your time so much that you can finally perform your responsibilities effectively and still have time to focus on YOU
  • ​ You want to gain financial clarity to be able to afford all the breaks and vacations you and your family deserve,
  • ​ You want to be empowered to release ALL your anger, bitterness, resentment, and pain through the forgiveness of yourself and others.
"I have attended several training courses over the years but I really needed to learn about work-life balance. I feel inspired and filled with valuable new tools and techniques that I've been implementing into my day to day life. It's great that my husband can see the changes as well and loves it."
Dennisha A - Foster Carer & Entrepreneur

In Each Module of the Course, you’ll discover:

Module 1: My Current Capacity Playbook

– As a Warrior Queen: where you are now, how you got here and how to practically move forward despite any previous failed attempts. You will renew your commitment to take control of your own life.

Module 2: My Confidence Blueprint

– Help you to truly answer the ‘Who am I?’ question and identify exactly who you are and what you stand for. (Here’s a clue, you ARE a Warrior Queen, even if you don’t know it yet!). We look at how your outer and inner characteristics influence your relationships so you can make the necessary time.

Step 3: My Commitment Formula

– We look at the current state of your relationship, including how you got there and where you want to be. 15 core areas you need to pay attention to too help you choose your top 3 that need the most attention, and where to start. You will learn how to carve out QUALITY time together so that you can enjoy life, even with a busy lifestyle.

Module 4: My Caring Package Principles

– You will learn to enhance or build rapport with your children. To be the mother, friend, counsellor, advocate, cheerleader, and everything else they need. Understand the four generals of a child/parent relationship. Learn how a Warrior Queen achieves all of them as a mother.

Module 5: My Corporation Rule Book

– As a Business Queen you will embrace your role, lead yourself, and be your own number one customer. Here you’ll get clear on your goals, and uncover who you need to become to accomplish them. You’ll discover exactly what you need to do to ensure harmonious relationships whether you have one, ten, or 100 employees! In addition, you’ll look at all the things you can do to make your business life as successful as possible – from living in the present to taking time off.

Module 6: My Connections Process

– Ensure you foster great connections that will last by first knowing who you are and who you are not, and becoming an honest observer of your interactions. Understand how you can add value in your giving and relationships. In the same way you learn why it’s important to always approach others for support if you need it and how to wholeheartedly go about doing that. 

Module 7: My Concord System

- Here is where you’ll learn the final tools and techniques that are going to take you from unfulfilled and scared to a strong Warrior Queen.
You’ll be a part of The Rise of the Warrior Queen Course with 1 YEAR access to:

○ Seven In-depth Modules, Including Video Lessons and Downloadable Worksheets (VALUE $2497)
○ 9 Weekly Live Q&A Calls (VALUE $2097)
○ A Private Mastermind Facebook Group (VALUE PRICELESS)
○ Monthly Q&A sessions for 6 months AFTER you’ve FINISHED THE COURSE (VALUE $1497) 
Let’s not forget your EXTRA bonuses that you get for joining the course and why they’re really cool!


Bonus #1 : 


A 1 to 1 30 mins session to ask Dr Norva Questions. Get Strategies, Clarity and Actionable Steps unique to you and your life to take away in ONE CORE AREA.

Bonus #2 : 


Hear 2 in-depth interviews with wives who are making 6, 7 and 8 figures crushing it in the business world and have a great family life.

Bonus #3 : 


Affirmations to help you unleash your inner warrior queen.

Bonus #4 : 


How to Spend Quality Meaningful Time with your spouse and kids on a low to high budget with little planning.

Bonus #5 : 


Taking a break, personal time & social time : A super list of effective ways to have quality time for yourself.

That’s over $5,000 in REAL value for everything together!

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    3 times payment
      6 times payment
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        You see, I want to make this opportunity risk-free for you. I want to reassure you that I work on a satisfaction guaranteed policy
        So, here’s what I’ve decided:
        Within 30 days of signing up, if you follow the steps and strategies over the Rise of the Warrior Queen Course and then implement them and show that you did the work and there is no progress in any area of your life then get in touch with us and we will happily give you your money back. We are committed to your success
        That’s how confident I am that together we can uncover your Inner Warrior Queen, just as these amazing Warrior Queens discovered…
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        You can Achieve that Double Win at Work and in Life.

        Your self-awareness, self-confidence, clarity, focus, and joy will be so enhanced that everything will be steered in the right direction. 

        The cycle of being worried and feeling like you have to stop will be gone as you'll genuinely be succeeding in all areas of your life.

        Sign up to the Rise of The Warrior Queen Course now, completely risk-free with an incredible money-back guarantee.

        You could soon be on your way to that authentic and balanced life you’ve always wanted!

        Here Is a Video and A Couple More Comments From My Warrior Queens...

        “ I really like that she works with married women who are in business because some of the things we have to balance is different to others who do not have to joggle family and business. Norva understands as she is in the same situation. She is genuine, smart and shares what she knows without reservation. My business was already becoming more successful but I was taught other things that I can use to improve my personal life too. ”
        Emina Danescu - Entrepreneur
          Dena F, Entrepreneur
        “When Norva first suggested things I should consider doing, I was reluctant but followed the advice because I knew what she was saying to me was sound. Years later I can boldly say that it was some of the best advice and support I've ever gotten and it helped me make some of my best decisions. Norva’s honesty and love for others is evident in her work - she wants to see us win at the game of life in the most fulfilling way possible. I have learnt to act despite any of my fears, when I know it's the right thing to do. I am so much happier today."

        So What are You Waiting For? 
        You’ll Get All of This for an Amazing Price of Just $997!

        That’s Right, All Seven In-depth Modules, Including Video Lessons and Downloadable Worksheets, Yours for ONE FULL YEAR ACCESS To Go Over It As Many Times As You Like.

        Not only that, but I’m so confident that Rise of The Warrior Queen Course is going to change your life, that you can sign up with an amazing money-back guarantee if I’m wrong!

        Hey, Meet your Coach:

        My name is Dr Norva Semoy Abiona, a wife and a mother ofthree who, over the past 22 years, have had to leave (and most importantly survive) an abusive marriage,

        …get into education (to Masters level) in my late twenties and early thirties, and personally deal with cancer and a seriously ill baby (who thank God is thriving now). 

        So as you can see, I totally understand the challenges, overwhelm, and struggles that come with being a wife, a mum, and struggling to start or build your own business at the same time.

        I literally had to draw on my own Inner Warrior Queen on many, many occasions to get to where I wanted to be in life, which is why I’m confident that I can help YOU do the same.

        Now, I’m living a fulfilling life of balance and authenticity.

        And my marriage to my very own King is in such a great place that it feels like we’re on a permanent honeymoon!  

        My passion is to help other women (like you) who also want to achieve a comfortable balance between their life and other activities led me to become a coach, inspirational speaker, and relationship change expert who will help you to uncover your Inner Warrior Queens, and become the best version of yourself!


        …you know that you’re already to experience more. You want to stay on the path of success… you have heard of others doing just that again and again. Because you are truly in need of a win and ready to do what it takes, here’s one piece of advice that can start giving you wins as early as today…

        Stop trying to 
        figure it out yourself…

        You honestly don’t have to waste time trying to work out, “How Are They Doing That?”...

        No, just follow this model. See it as that Blueprint that was written for YOU. 
        …And to ensure you don’t miss out on getting started asap, I’ve created the amazing offer. 

        Remember, this training’s full price is $1,997… and with the awesome value it can bring to your life and business, it would be totally worth that and even more!

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        …And don’t forget my amazing Money Back Guarantee that I’m offering you.



        Know that I’m here rooting for you always!

        Blessings and grateful,

        Dr Norva